Should ZZR Become a Weekly Magazine?

Rather than using ISSUU to put together big, occasional issues, I’m thinking of publishing submissions weekly as posts. The advantages would be:

-Zany Zygote Review would be published every week, rather than every few months.

-By publishing work as individual posts, each work of literary or visual art would actually get more readers and attention than they do published on Issuu. It’s one stop shopping.

-It would allow me to keep response time to seven days or less for submissions. This would set writers at ease.


This was inspired by seeing a listing on Duotrope for a literary magazine called Autumn Sky Poetry daily, in which published poems are published as blog posts and all responses are in one week. This would differ from that system in that I would still write letters of acceptance and rejections to my writers, something they don’t do at Autumn Sky Poetry Daily. I think editor to writer communication is key. My goal is to have a magazine where the artists and writers get noticed, I foster relationships with the literary and visual artists published in Zany Zygote Review, and for ZZR to have some of the most writer friendly response times on the web.


So please submit your work to Zany Zygote Review by emailing . Send your most breathtaking poetry, heart rending photography, spine chilling stories, and fascinating cross-genre work. You will hear back within one week.


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