Knot by Gregg Williard


This was when I lived in a trailer. I bought it for a dollar. It was empty except for a pair of old yellow galoshes, a TV that ran on batteries and a Charlie’s Angels poster on the ceiling. It got really cold and the trailer shook.  I watched a show about prisoners being moved somewhere. Their chains clattered.  The last show before the batteries gave out was about the Gordian Knot. How do we untangle it? One after another tried. Finally somebody in a cloak just cut the knot open with his sword. I was freezing and lit the Angels poster with my zippo. The shades on the windows went up. I was out in the snow, then ducked back in to get the galoshes. I put on the galoshes and watched the trailer go up. The galoshes were hot and soft. My feet hissed and sank into the ice. I knew the feeling couldn’t last, but it felt nice for awhile.



“Knot” by Gregg Williard

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