Being By Mary Elizabeth Cotton

And the two became one 
And the one became many
The many remained one
And the one, coiled
And floating in darkness, grew
And dreamed of being more
And the one dreamed many dreams
And the dreams were soft and cloud-like
And the one knew peace in this warm place

The thunder came
And the heavens around the one shook
And heaved with violent shudders

She who held the heavens cried out
And her cries, coming in torrents,
Filled the air
And her voice was deep and powerful
And her lightning words
Split the heavens

The thunder raged

The green man reached sinewy arms
Into the heavens
He had no mouth to speak,
He spoke
And his words fell like gentle rain
Amidst the thunder
Amidst the lightning words
Of she who held the heavens

And the one poured forth amidst the rain

And the heavens shone all around…

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