My Hand, It Kinda Slipped by Eryn King

Cousin, putting your hands on people is wrong, I know
But see I think you thought that because you’re older,
I wouldn’t hit you back.
You hit me for no reason,
I hit you back as a form of revenge.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right”, my mom said softly
Sure, that’s fine
Except, when I tasted that little bit of blood on my lip
I somehow misplaced that word of advice.
I apologize, I seemed to have lost control
Though, it made me feel as though I’d finally won.


BIO: Eryn King, the “thrift-shopping master” is a fashion guru who treats styling herself as a stress reliever. If she’s not dashing through shops, she’s likely practicing sprints at the track. Whether on the track, out shopping, or even at home coloring, Eryn puts her all into everything she does.

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